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Discover the power to overcome any challenge.

With such a broad range, the Jekko Mini Cranes have a crane that’s suitable for any lift and load, with the latest innovation and technology to support you on your projects.

Jekko is a super-technology applied to Mini Cranes that handle and lift loads on sites. The Italian excellence is now at hand: user-friendly, precise and powerful, designed to weather the challenges... and to make your working life easier.

Those who work with Jekko are never alone. Our technical staff and sales network are always by the side of operators, sellers, and dealers in every challenge they face. They listen, intervene, or provide solutions, whether on-site or in the office. At the right time and in the right place, that is our promise.

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SPX series: mini cranes

SPX Series: Mini Cranes

Telescopic and tracked spider crane with outriggers

JF series: articulated cranes

JF Series: Articulated Cranes

Articulated crane on tracks with outriggers

MPK series: mini pickers

MPK Series: Mini Pickers

Pick & carry self-propelled electric crane